Welcome to Dongguan Kangtai refrigeration equipment Co., Ltd., We provides dry freight car, the refrigeration unit
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Dongguan Kangtai refrigeration equipment co., LTD .
Dongguan KangYuntai Automobile Co. Ltd.

Tel: 0769-82784296
Fax: 0769-82186988
Web site: tagoverseas.com
E-mail: sales@0769kangtai.com
Address: Dongguan City, Dongguan DaLing hills Yang house first conde science park industrial zone
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Dongguan  Kangtai refrigerating equipment limited is a company specialized in refrigerated vehicles (including medicines refrigerated trucks, cinnamon, refrigerated vehicles, refrigerated food trucks, refrigerated trucks, fruit, flowers and distribution of electronic products refrigerated trucks), dry cargo compartment, stage, airport equipment cars, freezers, cold storage cold chain transportation equipment research and development...[Detailed]>>
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